Lesson summary: Present perfect tense

Lesson summary: Present perfect tense

Look at the two examples below. The verbs “have written” and “hasn't watched” are in the Present perfect. “So far” and “yet” are time expressions used in Present perfect.

You have learnt about the Present perfect tense in English 6, Unit 9, Lesson 2.

In this lesson. let’s review how to use it.

USAGE [edit]

Present perfect tense is used to describe:


Form of Present perfect


have not = haven’t

has not = hasn’t

Past participle in Present perfect

Regular verbs

You use the same rules as in past simple when you change regular verbs into Present perfect.         

Irregular verbs

Let’s see the difference between the irregular past participle and irregular past simple through the table below:

Check out more irregular verbs at https://www.e-grammar.org/download/list-of-irregular-verbs.pdf


Since - For

Other time expressions


“yet” is used in negatives and questions.